Two Quay Cranes structural analysis

Some of the crane elements were corroded significantly and the information about the plate thickness decreasing was considered in the model.

The static strength was checked for loads and trolley position during the crane normal working cycle for five positions of the trolley.

The possible crane mechanism work combinations in time were considered. In the result the information about crane elements/joints reinforcement/change was issued in as the report, prepared according FEM 1.001.

The Quay Crane repair quality assessment

The Quay Crane repair quality assessment (for 2 cranes). In order to decrease the significant structure vibration during the Quay Crane operating the repair of the trolley, trolley rail and boom-girder hinge has been done by another company.

The decision about the effectiveness of the repair has been done based on information, gained before and after repair, from the strain gauges and accelerometers.

The vibration influence on the operator (seasickness, fatigue etc.) and the structure’s service life (metal fatigue) were considered for the assessment.

Vibration of the cabin during main trolley travel:

Vibration effects, which have been taken as the limitation of the vibration value, are as follow:

  • The vibration influence on the operator body (operator fatigue, influence on the human nervous system);
  • Crane metal structure fatigue

The conclusion has been made based on the mention above vibration effects, that have been taken before and after crane repair.