Aerodynamic laboratory of Odessa National Maritime University

The laboratory is facilitated by two wind tunnels (big and small ones) with measuring and registering devices.
The big wind tunnel (BWT) has followings parameters:

  • length – 25.4 m;
  • width – 3.0 m;
  • height – 3.6 m;
  • working part length – 3 m;
  • diameter – 1.75 m.

  • Wind speed range: maximal – 70 m/sec; minimal – 8 m/sec.

    Small wind tunnel has the same scheme but smaller dimensions. Wind maximal speed is 30 m/sec.

Big wind tunnel (BWT)

Small wind tunnel (SWT)

Work scope that has been done using wind tunnel:
  • Shape coefficient determination for bodies of different shape
  • Flow shape visualization
  • Flow modelling in a free surface (shade) presence