Aerodynamic laboratory of Odessa National Maritime University /h4>

The laboratory is facilitated by two wind tunnels (big and small ones) with measuring and registering devices.
The big wind tunnel (BWT) has followings parameters:

  • length – 25.4 m;
  • width – 3.0 m;
  • height – 3.6 m;
  • working part length – 3 m;
  • diameter – 1.75 m.

  • Wind speed range: maximal – 70 m/sec; minimal – 8 m/sec.

    Small wind tunnel has the same scheme but smaller dimensions. Wind maximal speed is 30 m/sec.

Big wind tunnel (BWT)

Small wind tunnel (SWT)

Work scope that has been done using wind tunnel:
  • Shape coefficient determination for bodies of different shape
  • Flow shape visualization
  • Flow modelling in a free surface (shade) presence