Aerodynamic laboratory of Odessa National Maritime University

The laboratory is facilitated by two wind tunnels (big and small ones) with measuring and registering devices.

The big wind tunnel (BWT) has followings parameters...


Remnant life assessment of ship unloader structure

The main goal is to perform study of the possibility of the further exploitation of the Ship Unloader crane manufactured in 1979.

The biggest problem was the absence of the drawings for the crane, so the usual Finite Element model of the whole crane was not be able to be used...


Gantry crane structure analysis due to surveying the possibility of the crane productivity increasing

The crane has been checked for the possibility to operate with the maximum lifting load of 40t at all outreaches.

According to the Manufacturer the maximum outreach for SWL 40 t has been restricted up to 25 meters...


Portal level luffing boom crane Structural Analysis

Structural design of a new portal level luffing boom crane 'MARK-36' for KONECRANES Ukraine.

The “MARK 25” was taken as the prototype with changed Safe Working Load and outreach parameters...


Assessment of the technical possibility of the Ship Loader modernization (productivity increasing)

Structural analysis of the Ship Unloader structure showed that most of the structure main elements met the strength criterion for the case of increased productivity.

We have also determined structure elements, which are to be reinforced during repairs to avoid collapsing of the entire steel structure...


Inspection of the ship-to-shore container crane and determination of the cause of plastic deformation of the its boom

Plastic deformations have been detected in the boom structure of the ship-to-shore crane. The crane's warranty period hadn't expired yet.

The crane was manufactured in 2012. The manufacturer stated that the damage was the maintenance staff fault. As they turned off the limit switch on the boom lift mechanism, which led to the boom bending when it rest against A-frame bumpers...


Static strength and residual life of the STS crane trolley frame assessment

The trolley frame Structural analysis has been done as a part of whole crane repair project.

As a result the overloaded elements of the structure were found, which can be potentially unsafe due to possible cracks and plastic deformation.

The trolley frame bears hoist machinery, the cabin and loaded cargo, and hence the trolley collapse will have grave consequences...


Two Quay Cranes structural analysis

The static strength was checked for loads and trolley position during the crane normal working cycle for five positions of the trolley.

The possible crane mechanism work combinations in time were considered...


3rd party service RTG crane height increase from 18 to 21 meters

3rd party in RTG crane height increase from 18 to 21 meters.
Performed RTG structural analysis (fatigue, buckling and static strength), checked the crane stability, design and drawings of the additional leg sections, exhausting pipe section, additional tie beam...


Determining Condition of the Ship-to Shore Container Crane

The goal of this project was to determine the possibility and conditions of further operation of the ship-to-shore crane manufactured in 1976, based on state of metal and operational conditions.

The following work has been done...